A Message From Matt – 2nd September 2020

As we enter September, it strikes me that we are now 2/3rd’s of the way through the year and about to enter the final 4 months of what has been a rather tumultuous 2020 to say the least.

In some ways 2020 feels like a lost year. Many of the key events that punctuate our photo albums and memories (holidays, weddings, birthday celebrations etc) will have been cancelled or postponed and in some respects it feels like we are waiting to get back to doing these things that we love.

My planned family trip to Florida in April was of course called off and I am still disappointed by this, especially as this would have been our first major overseas trip since my daughter Amy was born and my first trip to the States in some time.

In other ways however, 2020 will be marked as the year that changed everything. Our way of working, our way of relaxing, our way of life is being re-written as we speak and the longer that the now rather strange dynamic of not being in lockdown (but still somehow feeling as if we are) continues, the more permanent these things will become.

What is for sure is that we are very excited about getting back to the office as a team and we are also very much looking forward to welcoming clients in for face-to-face meetings (for those who are ready and comfortable to do so – Zoom meetings will remain on the menu for those who are not yet ready or for whom it is simply more convenient).

Although the narrative at the beginning of lockdown was around the ‘death of the office’, as time has gone on, I think businesses are taking a more balanced view and are starting to see the benefits of teams being together in one place and collaborating. Although we will not be insisting that the team is in the office all of the time, we are all looking forward to being there together some of the time.

During lockdown, we have been putting a great deal of effort into redesigning and improving our on-going financial planning service to clients, the highlight of which is the annual forward planning meeting. We are excited to show you what we have been working on and will launch this new and improved review service as we open our brand new office on Northumberland Avenue to clients for the first time (which we are hoping will be in early October – case numbers and Government Advice permitting).

We are incredibly grateful for the fantastic ongoing client relationships we have and will never forget the kind words of support and encouragement we have received throughout lockdown.

If there is anything more you think we could be doing for you, or if you can think of anything else you would like included in your ongoing financial planning service, do be sure to let us know – we would love to hear your ideas.