Portfolio Construction Buckingham Gate

Portfolio Construction

We construct robust, resilient portfolios for our clients that are designed to create the long-term returns that they need, while exposing their funds to the least risk possible.

portfolio monitoring Buckingham Gate

Portfolio Monitoring

For clients taking advantage of our on-going financial planning service, the construction of their portfolio is just the start. We then monitor their investments on a daily basis, report to them on a quarterly basis suggesting any changes or fund switches and then re-balance portfolios at least one a year, to ensure their portfolio continues to meet its objectives.

legitimate tax reduction Buckingham Gate

Legitimate Tax Reduction

While investment returns are clearly an important determinant in the success of a financial plan, the level of tax paid can also have a significant impact on the final result. As such, we give tax planning our full attention.

At the outset we will consider the most tax efficient way to structure a client’s affairs and then we work with them on an ongoing basis to ensure that tax is kept to a minimum each year. All of our tax planning work with clients is firmly within the scope of HMRC rules. We believe that the best way to minimise tax is to make the best use of commonly available reliefs and exemptions.

Please note that investments can fall as well as rise and any income generated by an investment can fluctuate over time.