What is it like to work with Buckingham Gate?

Bob’s Life Changing Event Led Him To Seek The Advice

“I’ve found the contribution and support invaluable and the ability to listen and provide solutions was excellent.”

“Buckingham Gate are someone I know I can work with longer term and also importantly, there might be a time when I am no longer here, and I need to know that there is someone else around that I can trust to follow through with my wishes.”

“The life changing event which proved to be the stimulus to seek the advice, has meant that we have taken a long hard look at what it is we want from life, and now that that’s all in order, everything else doesn’t really matter, so, we have set a journey, and we’re now far more relaxed, and the peace of mind this process has given, money can’t buy.”

Bob – Buckingham Gate client since 2014

Mike Wanted To Integrate His Retirement & Estate Planning

“The main reason for choosing Buckingham Gate against the other well established players was that I felt that having looked at the market, they were much better positioned to offer a very diverse range of services and weren’t necessarily so focused on selling investment advice”

“My experience so far has been very positive”

“My outlook on retirement has improved a lot since working with Buckingham Gate”

Mike – Buckingham Gate client since 2016

David Now Feels More Confident About Retirement

“The service is very prompt and very efficient… Knowledge is extremely good”

“I would tell anyone who is thinking of taking financial advice that you probably should do it, and probably sooner than you think”

“We have much more confidence that the outcomes we are seeking are possible”

David – Buckingham Gate client since 2016

George Likes The Tailored Approach

“My experience of working with Buckingham Gate has been great. It was everything that I hoped it would be and actually a bit more”

“I wanted a group that was truly independent and client focused”

George – Buckingham Gate client since 2015

James Has Recommended Buckingham Gate A Number Of Times

“My experience of working with Buckingham Gate has been excellent”

“Matthew has been extremely patient and very thoughtful”

“I have recommended Buckingham Gate a number of times, including to my son”

James – Buckingham Gate client since 2014

Buckingham Gate Invited To Take Part In Unbiased Advice Lives

Buckingham Gate Managing Director, Matthew Smith was invited to participate in the Unbiased ‘Advice Lives’ programme. The programme was designed to lift the lid on what actually takes place in a financial advice session.

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