The Time Is Now

You may recall I wrote a blog back in the middle of 2020 (doesn’t that feel like a long time ago now!) about designing how you want your life to look as we emerge from lockdown. Of course in hindsight, it seems I was a little naïve to think that lockdown was ‘over’ at that point.

In that article, I used the metaphor of a box to describe your life and how you get to decide what to put back in your box as we emerged from lockdown.

Please click here to read that previous article.

As I reflect on that post, written in June 2020 at the end of lockdown 1.0, it strikes me just how different the months that followed have been compared with our expectations at the time. Of course we all thought that the original lockdown would be the only one and yet we find ourselves now emerging from lockdown 3.0.

I do think the sentiment of the article is still true though, perhaps more so now that we have lived under these conditions for so long.

However, as the country starts to open up, there is a risk of simply being pulled along for the ride and falling back into old habits.

I don’t know about you, but my social diary has certainly been a lot busier over recent weeks which has undoubtedly been a good thing – it has been wonderful to reconnect with friends and family, albeit outside in the cold.

But – and this is a big but – if you want to make some changes to how life looks as we emerge from this (hopefully final) lockdown, the time is now. Before long we will be living in the ‘new normal’ and you may wake up one morning and wonder what happened to that [insert lockdown habit here – morning workout, weekly family zoom quiz, healthy evening meal etc].

So the time is now. We have a once in a lifetime opportunity to redesign what our lives look like on not just a personal level, but also on a professional and social level as well.

Let’s not let that opportunity pass us by!