We Could All Learn A Thing Or Two From Dave

As someone who takes a keen interest in all things financial, I always make a point of watching the programmes on channel 4 which follow the attempts of Dave Fishwick to make the financial world a more straightforward and friendly place. I find Dave highly amusing and uplifting with his seemingly never ending high sprits and a level of determination that would have Churchill quaking in his boots.

Those who saw his previous two shows would have seen how he took on the big high street banks and came up with his own local bank based on old fashioned values. The simplicity of the service he offers has to be seen to be believed. You can deposit money at 5% and borrow for slightly more, and that’s about it. No huge contracts, no industry jargon, just a simple, efficient service. The whole operation runs from a small shop front with a few hard working people crammed behind a single desk. There are no trading floors, no high-rise towers, just a man with a good set of ideals trying to help people in his community.

What really strikes me about the service that Dave offers is that it is highly personal. He gets to know his customers and makes decisions about lending based on relationships rather than computers and credit reference files. He also helps the businesses he lends money to develop, providing his expertise and time, all as part of the service.

I think a lot of businesses in the financial world could learn a thing or two from Dave, I know I certainly have, which is why we try to make things as straightforward as possible for our clients. I can’t promise a single interest rate or just one piece of paper, but what I will promise is a concise, efficient service without all of the complexity and jargon that normally surrounds the financial world.