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We believe that a successful retirement has 2 key ingredients; Enough purpose to get up in the morning and enough money to sleep well at night. When we work with clients on their retirement planning we help them achieve these things by focusing on the following areas:

Retirement AccumulationRetirement Accumulation
We help clients to build up funds for their retirement in the most tax efficient way possible. The new retirement landscape often necessitates the use of many tools to deliver the intended outcomes, not just pensions.

Many of our clients are focussed on early retirement or making significant lifestyle changes and we work with them through our cashflow planning tool to build financial plans that turn these dreams into reality.

Retirement IncomeRetirement Income Generation
With the new world of pension freedoms, there are now myriad options for generating ‘income’ in retirement. We formulate individual recommendations for each client to help them maximise the income potential from their accumulated funds.

Retirement PortfolioRetirement Portfolio Management
If a drawdown pension is preferred, the management of the investment portfolio is vital to ensure that the pension fund still lasts a lifetime. We construct robust retirement portfolios for clients that are designed to produce the income they need, while minimising risk.

Please note that investments can fall as well as rise and any income generated by an investment can fluctuate over time.

Buckingham Gate - Chartered Financial Planners - London, UK

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