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A Message From Matt Smith – 9th April 2020

As we head into the long Easter weekend, I wanted to provide you with a further update on the markets and provide some more of my views on the future.

Many articles I have been reading recently have been talking about the ‘new normal’. Despite how quickly us human beings adapt to new situations, I am a little concerned that we are referring to this current state of affairs as ‘normal’.

I do believe that there will be a ‘new normal’ after the worst of the virus is behind us, but I certainly hope that this is not it.

However it is interesting to note just how comfortable we have become with our new way of living after just a few weeks. After the initial panic and pandemonium, we tend to calm down very quickly, rationalise what’s going on and then deal with the problem and begin implementing solutions. It is easy to see this phenomenon in action across all sorts of different business sectors and industries.

In our own business, we have transitioned the entire team to a home working environment, pivoted our usual monthly seminar programme online, presented to over 600 people and implemented new estate planning solutions via video link and phone calls, all in the last 3 weeks. I never could have imagined how quickly all of this could have been achieved, but necessity is a powerful thing.

I take great comfort from this. The fact that we can build a 500-bed hospital in the Excel Centre in 9 days, the fact that the Mercedes Formula 1 Team can build 1000 assisted breathing devices in a day and the fact that we can come together and applaud our NHS heroes at 8pm on a weekly basis just shows what is really possible when we strip away our self-imposed bureaucracy and red tape and just focus on the task at hand.

I am also pleased to report that we do seem to be seeing some tentative signs that the market is calming down slightly. I’m sure there will be some more surprises to come, but the markets have been a little bit less choppy this week and let’s hope that continues.

I wanted to end on a positive note and share a video with you that touched me a few days back. These times are undoubtedly tough, but there are positives to be taken out of all of this as well. I will leave you with this short clip to hopefully lift your spirits as we go into the long weekend: #WeRemember