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A Message From Matt – 7th May 2020

So, it seems that this weekend will see at least some, subtle relaxation of the current lockdown measures and Boris Johnson’s announcement on Sunday will signal the start of the slow and gradual return to our ‘new normal’ – whatever that means.

I wanted to share some thoughts about what that might mean for markets and for us as a business.

Markets seem to have been fairly resilient thus far given the scale of the crisis we are dealing with. Investors who held their nerve early on in the crisis have now been rewarded with a significant recovery in investment values, although markets clearly still have a way to go to reach their previous highs.

The markets seem to be buoyed by the gradual lifting of restrictions across the world and let’s hope that this process can continue without causing a ‘second spike’ in cases.

I imagine this recovery will be one of winners and losers as different sectors of the economy get back to normal at a different pace. Of course some businesses are thriving in this environment and these companies generally won’t receive the same level of press attention compared to those who are sadly struggling, but just remember that they are out there, quietly working away, getting the economy back on its feet.

On the business front, negotiations are ongoing on our new office space and we have every intention of returning to the central London hub we love so much, as soon as it is safe and viable to do so.

With this said, we will be in no immediate rush given how well our current operation is working and so we will most likely adopt a ‘wait and see’ approach once restrictions are lifted and we will take client feedback into account to determine the timing of the full reopening of the office.

What the last few months have shown us is how generally successful online meetings can be and we will certainly retain this as an option for people who are not comfortable travelling into London in the first instance or for those who simply wish to save themselves a trip. We have also found that video conferencing is a great way to connect with clients to discuss those ‘ad hoc’ issues where there is some benefit in a face-to-face meeting, but perhaps which don’t justify a trip into London.

In the interim, we may also offer home visits as an alternative to a meeting in the office for a limited period where this is the preferred option.

I am delighted to report that Buckingham Gate has enjoyed a very good start to the year and I consider myself extremely lucky to be running a business that can operate relatively normally under these circumstances. I am incredibly proud of how the team have adapted to their new working environment and I am pleased to report that everyone is safe and well.

Finally, I am grateful for the way that you, our clients have responded to the current situation. We have received many messages of thanks for the support that the team have been providing to clients during this challenging time and these are gratefully received and appreciated.

As always, if you need any support, please do not hesitate to contact us.