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What’s the Difference?: ‘Green’ Investing

Financial planning is an industry that tries to make the complicated more simple but I always tend to find that it fails to do that in the realm of investing sustainably. In writing this article I had to consider what to put in my title: green, ethical, sustainable, responsible, socially responsible, ESG, impact, thematic… the list goes on! How then can we go about breaking down the differences to make it easier for everyone to understand and more importantly: to provide solutions in line with people’s views.

Monthly Vlog – May 2021

– Market Performance Update
– Buckingham Gate Portfolio Performance Update
– Crypto Currency – Our Thoughts
– Office Reopening – Our ‘Roadmap’

The Time Is Now

You may recall I wrote a blog back in the middle of 2020 (doesn’t that feel like a long time ago now!) about designing how you want your life to look as we emerge from lockdown. Of course in hindsight, it seems I was a little naïve to think that lockdown was ‘over’ at that point.

Ready, Steady…

There seems to be a bit more of a buzz around the place in the past few weeks. Since the 12th of April and the reinstatement of at least a couple of our (previously taken for granted) freedoms, I detect a sense of joy and optimism in people who I meet.

Budget Update – 3rd March 2021

The Chancellor has just finished presenting his budget speech to the house. The Buckingham Gate team is now busy analysing the budget document in detail and searching for any devil in the details. We will report back on any significant findings that become clear in the coming days, however, as expected, today’s budget was rather benign from a personal financial planning point of view.