Reflecting on Normality

I must admit, the past two weeks have felt a little surreal. After 18 months of enforced screen time and virtual meetings, seeing the world come back to life in a major way has been a real pleasure.

We hosted our client event the week before last and it was wonderful to meet and greet everyone in person (and share a glass of wine) after so long.

What was equally apparent was the benefit of new technology that we have discovered during the pandemic. We had never considered this pre-covid, but we took the decision to livestream the event and we are so glad we did – over 140 of you tuned in to watch the event live (a recording of which you can watch here for anyone who missed it). I must admit, when we decided to give the greenlight to the livestream, I was under the impression that perhaps a handful of people would watch – how wrong I was!

If we account for both the people in the room and the people able to watch online, something like 3 times more people were able to enjoy the event compared to previous years which can only be a good thing. Suffice to say, I think the livestream is something we will offer in the future as well.

Equally satisfying was our return to the seminar room last week. These were the first seminar sessions we have run in around 18 months and it felt great to be ‘back in the room’. It was equally pleasing to see some existing clients who we have worked with virtually during the pandemic take the opportunity to come along and join us in person (just a reminder that all existing clients are very welcome to join us at our seminar or webinar events whenever you wish). Upcoming webinar details can be found here.

In addition, the past few weeks have seen a very notable uptick in the number of clients wishing to come into the office to hold their meeting in person, rather than on Zoom. Although we will certainly keep the Zoom option available indefinitely, it is really nice to be able to see clients face-to-face and share a cup of coffee together.

All in all it has been a busy two weeks, but it has been a real pleasure and I couldn’t be happier that we, finally, seem to be returning to some degree of normality.

We shall have to see what the winter holds, but, for now, I am enjoying every second!

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